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Program Expansion

After years of development, implementation and evaluation, we have created a successful hospital-based violence prevention program. This model can be replicated in other sites, extending the success of violent injury prevention to these centers.

In 2009, the Wraparound Project teamed up with the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs(NNHVIP) to create a National Database of outcome measures in violence prevention. The NNHVIP is a collaborative group, with the common goal of violent injury and injury recidivism. It supports violence prevention efforts in numerous trauma centers across the United States.

Through working groups, network members collaborate in research and evaluation, explore opportunities for funding sustainability, develop and share best practices, and identify ways to collectively have an impact on policy. Additionally, the network meets annually for a conference to share research and discuss issues relevant to injury prevention. Through these forums, network members – including trauma surgeons, program directors, researchers, medical directors, and others on the front lines – share their experiences, data and perspectives, and create strategies for effective responses to violence. 

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