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Job Readiness TrainingProviding Assistance To Individuals Searching For Jobs
  Resume Workshops
  Cover letter writing
  Online application support
  Interview training
  Interview apparel
Community AdvocacyDiscussing Social Issues Within One's Community
  Solution forums
  Media advocacy
  Write to a city supervisor or congressperson
  Write an editorial
Training Future TrainersWeapons In Minors Possession
  Mentor first offenders in the juvenile justice department that come to Wraparound per a judge's mandate
Positive Artistic CreationsCreate Artwork In Various Mediums
  Art workshops
  Development of photography skills
  Development of video recording, design and editing skills
EducationAssisting Individuals at Various Levels of the Education Process
  Tutorials for high school and GED classes
  Access to resources for the GED
  Access to computers and other research materials
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